The battle of the Peasants & Royals continues in Gopherland. The Peasants that have farmed their SHARDs realized they now have the power to rebel against the evil Royals. Tired of being enslaved by the royals, the Peasants will gather their army of gophers and attack the Kingdom to regain freedom and happiness for all gopher-kind. Gather your army in this open world of gophers and start conquering different parts of Land in Gopherland with your army of cute gophers till you conquer the entire kingdom of Gopherland!

Gopherland ImageGopherland ImageGopherland Image

10,000 Hello Gophers Land NFTs will be available for sale

34% of total $SHARD tokens will be allocated for players' land gameplay

Land can only be purchased with $SHARD tokens

The rarity of land will be determined by two factors: Location & Resources

Players can colonise other players' land



Gopherland is separated into 3 regions. The inner district of the city is where the Royals reside in their royal kingdom. The middle district is the city where everything happens. Stroll through the streets where there is a lively bazaar with its noisy, bustling marketplace and its cheap food stalls. The outer district is located at the outskirts of the city, where all the peasants reside. Most of them are farmers and fishermen that live in small villages.

In Land Gameplay, there will be a total of 10,000 Units of Land and they will be based on the 3 regions in Gopherland. These 3 regions will be categorized and divided into 3 Tiers depending on their rarity and location.

Tier 3: 6,400 Units

Tier 2: 2,700 Units

Tier 1: 900 Units

Different tiers of land will also have different resources spawning rate. Example, Tier 1 will have resources spawning every 4 hours compared to Tier 2, which will have resources spawning every 8 hours.

Barn Small LandBridge Small Land
Pond Small LandRock Small Land
Shard Small LandTree Small LandVegie Small Land
Gopherland Image


In Land Gameplay, players will start the game with an empty plot of land. Players can rent out their land or develop it by using the $SHARD token as the game's main currency to start building their own kingdom.

There will be different resources that players can harvest and mine.






These resources are also HRC-20 tokens and can be traded.

By using all these resources, players can build, customize and upgrade different types of settlements on their land. Example, players can build a farm to harvest resources and by upgrading it, players can harvest resources at a faster rate.

Gopherland is a place where you can create your very own world of gophers. The possibilities are infinite and players are only limited by their own imagination.



Build an empire and conquer other players' land. Enjoy the thrill of battle when you fight other players from around the world and make their army bow down to you! When a player has successfully conquered another player, they can steal all their resources. Players that got conquered would still be able to keep their land, however they would have to pay a tax rate to the player that conquered them.


Create global alliances! Invite your friends and fight in epic battles to conquer other players. Gopherland is yours for the taking!

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Gopher ImageGopher Image